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Education improvement boosts competitiveness

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Education, one of the central concerns of Pakistan’s Vision 2025 plan, is becoming more accessible to population, and higher education in particular is moving the country forward in science and technology. The US is partnering with Pakistan in number of areas to support its economic development, and indeed bilateral cooperation in education is key to this partnership. In June, it was announced that four Pakistani and three US universities would collaborate on a…Read More

Farm sector lacks efficiency, global competitiveness

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite having immense potential, the agriculture sector of Pakistan lacks efficiency and global competitiveness, causing dent to self-sufficiency in production of various farm produces, said Asad Umar, Chairman Pakistan Business Council while speaking to members of Agricultural Journalists' Association (AJA).In his presentation on 'Agriculture - a mainstay of Pakistan's economy' Asad Umar said that production of various farm products has been as low as 90 per cent if compared…Read More