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Morpho-physiological Variations in Wheat Genotypes under the Water Stress Conditions

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Wheat is the main crop in most countries and forms 15 to 18% of food consumption, which used for many purposes such as bread, different pastries, starch, and protein. Drought stress is still in the production of major limitation of crops. Morphological and physiological identification of drought resistance is of highly importance in the improvement […]…Read More

Creating enabling conditions for women in IT sector are imperative

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in governance as well as imparts synergic impacts on national economy. IT knowledge is equally important for men as well as women. A pilot project with the aim to create enabling conditions for women in IT sector was launched by Sanjh Preet (SP) organization. The project is funded by USAID Pakistan. Speaking on the launching of the project, CEO SP, Abid Hussain Gill …Read More

Sanitation conditions highly poor in Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Sanitation and hygiene situation in Pakistan remains at a crisis point as just 48 per cent of the population has access to improved sanitation and more than 40 million people continue to defecate in the open. Only 24 per cent households in the country have access to underground and covered drains, 42 per cent have access to open drains and 33 per cent live with no system. These statistics were revealed during a recently held 2nd Pakistan Conference on Sanitation (…Read More