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Firm hired for consultancy services for 3G auction

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Value Partners Management Consulting Limited have signed a formal contract for the provision of consultancy services for the auction of next generation services spectrum. After the completion of evaluation process for the selection of consultant of international repute, under the policy directive of the MoITandT, Value Partners Management Consulting Limited was declared successful as consultant for the auction of next…Read More

ASC fails to shortlist consultancy firm for 3G auction

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: In a major blow to the government’s efforts to auction 3G telecom licences, the Auction Supervisory Committee (ASC) of 3G has refused the PTA selected companies for consultancy services due to alleged dubious selection process.A recent meeting of ASC could not shortlist companies for consultancy services and overseeing the process of auction of 3G spectrum licences due to "serious flaws in the selection process", said an official after the meeting.PTA shortlisted…Read More