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Facebook content restrictions increased to 600 percent for Pakistan

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Government has tightened its control over Facebook usage in the middle of a crackdown against online blasphemy after 600 percent hike in successful requests for content restrictions this year. The social media giants have officially confirmed the released information. According to the report of this month, there is increased cooperation for censoring blasphemous content between […]…Read More

PM assign powers to PTA for content monitoring on internet

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Staff Report ISD: Prime Minister has ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to monitor the content on internet and dismissed Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) as revealed by Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (MoIT) recently. This decision was made due to MOIT recommendations. The reason behind the seizing of powers from IMC is its ineffective mechanism which did not ensure web monitoring effectively. PM also emphasized on PTA for an effective and suitable mechanism to in…Read More

PASTIC moot highlights Digital Content Management for better output

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Digitization of libraries, which are rich of knowledge, is imperative for socio-economic development of a nation as no progress could be made without prompt delivery of information in this age of information technology and global competition. Librarians have an important role to play and they need equip themselves with this latest IT tools to improve their performance. These were the views of experts and classified academicians who spoke during a three-day national…Read More

.Com Content Contention

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article image By Badar MinhasWHILE I was a teacher, concerns from parents were often reported in parents-teachers meetings regarding the issues of miss-using the internet technology by teenagers. Now that I am working in a government policy making body; concerns are observed to be grave regarding the content online which is impacting our society day by day and thus deteriorating our values which are of prestige and to be proud of. Values of respecting females, elders, being obedient, caring, socializing in…Read More