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Biotechnology Plays a Significant Role to Control Insect Pests of Agricultural Crops

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Today insect pests have been one of most important problem in food production .Previous research have been proved that 1/3 of agricultural production of world, prized at several billion dollars is ruined by damaging of field and storage insect pests every year. Various toxic, broad-spectrum and synthetic chemicals are used to control pests.Natural ecosystem, human […]…Read More

Giving People More Control Over Their Facebook Profile Picture

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PR: Today, Facebook is launching new tools that give people in Pakistan more control over who can download and share their profile pictures, and provide the ability to add a design to a profile picture to deter misuse. Profile pictures are an important part of building community on Facebook because they help people find friends and […]…Read More

Control Measures of Cotton Leaf Curl Virus, a major threat to cotton’s future

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Cotton Leaf Curl Disease is among the most destroying viral catastrophe that causes tremendous loss to cotton yield particularly in Pakistan during the past 20 years. Seven different types of Begomoviruses have been discovered related with the disease. It was first revealed in Nigeria (1912) on Gossypium Peruvianum and Gossypium Vitifolia, Sudan (1924), Tanzania (1926), […]…Read More

Theileriosis Disease: economic threat to Livestock Industry and Its Control Strategies

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article image Theileriases is tick born Protozoan parasitic disease in livestock population caused by Theileria parva (East cost fever) and Theileria annulata (Tropical or Mediterranean). Tick born diseases causes huge economical losses in dairy industry in tropical and subtropical areas where 80 % of total cattle population. Tick transmitted Theileriasis commonly known as East cost fever that […]…Read More

Pest control labs can fight insect-borne diseases

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has opened nuclear pest control labs to fight disease spreading insect and pests and damage crop. Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), a nuclear technique of insect birth control using radiation to sterilize male insects, nurtured in bulky numbers and released in a target area for mating with wild females. This SIT […]…Read More

Control of Food-Borne Parasites for Improved Food Safety and Security

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As livestock is a major source of food production, growth of food animals is hampered by diseases and ultimately livestock sector is disturbed. This is particularly important because livestock sector has many roles like income generation for small handlers, source of food, energy production in the form of biogas and dung, utilization of marginal lands, […]…Read More

PSQCA to report Senate about food items quality control

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Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology briefed about the standards developed for the packaged milk, tea whitener and powdered milk in meeting. The meeting strictly directed the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to prepare parameters and quality control standards for package milk, tea whiteners, and powder milk and report the committee. DG PSQCA […]…Read More

Common Ectoparasites of the Camels in Pakistan and their Control

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article image Agriculture Department plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan as the backbone. The share of Agriculture in the GDP of Pakistan is 11.6-14.6%. In total areas of Pakistan, livestock is 58.8%. In relation to previous years, the percentage and proportionality of livestock is found more this time, which is playing a chief role […]…Read More

PTA and FAB take back their control from ministries

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) after taking their control back from the Cabinet Division without the permission of the Council of Common Interests (CCI) is counterproductive to the vital security interests of the state and is an anomaly. These views expressed by sources are although other three regulatory bodies whose complete […]…Read More