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Use of cochineal beetles and honey bee in cosmetics

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article image COCHINEAL BEETLES Cochineal Beetles (Dactylopius Coccus) are the important insect which have many importance and present in different areas of the world. The cactus plants are the food of these insects. These insects are oval shaped, flat, soft bodied insects. They present in Mexico and South America. These Insects are feeding on the plant, moisture and nutrients and living on cacti. Female cochineal beetles eat the red cactus berries, so when the beetles…Read More

Cosmetics: A curse in disguise

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article image Cosmetics are intended to beautify human body by cleansing, promoting attractiveness, or reshapingappearance without affecting the body’s structure. These products are produced for the beauty purposes of hair, skin, nails, teeth and body. Cosmetics include: Creams, hair oils, Hair-dyes, Kajal, Lotions, Perfumes, Lipsticks, Talcum powders and Face powders. The use of cosmetics is very common in the whole world since from the early ages andbeauty consciousness of the people has increased…Read More

Herbal-cosmetics-emerging trends in common people

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article image Herbal Cosmetics: Herbal make ups, identified as goods that remain expressed via different acceptable cosmetic components to form the base into which different herbal component are utilized to define the ornamental advantages that merely will be described as herbal cosmetic goods. In ancient times, herbal makeup industries consisted of huge obscure contents into European and Western Countries for around six centuries ago. Herbal paste and fusions were used for whiten face, an exercise…Read More