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Control Measures of Cotton Leaf Curl Virus, a major threat to cotton’s future

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Cotton Leaf Curl Disease is among the most destroying viral catastrophe that causes tremendous loss to cotton yield particularly in Pakistan during the past 20 years. Seven different types of Begomoviruses have been discovered related with the disease. It was first revealed in Nigeria (1912) on Gossypium Peruvianum and Gossypium Vitifolia, Sudan (1924), Tanzania (1926), […]…Read More

Bt cottons new varieties may be unavailable

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The Federal Seed Certification Department has issued prior warning that new varieties of bio-tech (Bt) Cotton may not be available for the next season mainly due to the delay in obtaining commercialisation certificate from the National Bio-safety Committee (NBC), which will cause shortage of standard seeds besides, negatively affecting crop production in Pakistan."In February 2012, the Punjab Seed Council (PSC) had approved eight BT Cotton seed varieties in addition to…Read More