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Animal Genomes Hold Cure For Human Diseases

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article image Genetic diseases are characterized as those diseases which occur due to genomic abnormalities. These disorders are usually present from birth called congenital diseases. Genetic disorders are very rare and their occurrence ratio is one to several thousands. These diseases can be hereditary or acquired and mainly occur due to changes in DNA sequences (mutation) of […]…Read More

Medicinal plants can cure human diseases

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article image By Faryal NajeebComing from a university teaching background, Dr. Mudassir Asrar, has recently joined the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) as Chairperson and wants to take it to new heights. She is an expert on indigenous medicinal plants of Pakistan which hold great potential of holding a cure for various diseases. She has been conferred three of the world’s most prestigious post doctoral research fellowships - Fulbright, Commonwealth and Alexander von Humboldt. During her…Read More