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IT ministry on road to damage through austerity

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The IT Ministry cannot afford to keep IT professionals on its payroll and has taken on schoolteachers and forest officials to manage its affairs. The ministry is also set to scrap over a dozen projects that have been suffering at the hands of inter-departmental neglect’. There is a severe dearth of IT experts at the ministry and most of the staff there are administrative officers. Nearly 100 IT professionals who had been associated with the ministry in the past were let…Read More

Deforestation in GB may damage environment

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The recent hike in illegal cutting of tree started after a controversial notification by former Prime Minister, Pervaiz Ashraf under which authorities allowed to dispose of 4 million cubic feet of felled timber already cut legally or illegally in district Diamer of Gilgit Baltistan. The controversial lifting of decades old ban on transportation of felled timber has provided an opportunity to timber mafia to chop more trees in the area. Environmentalists fear that…Read More

Genetically modified corn, maize damage Pak farming

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article image SPECIAL REPORT IBD:Pakistan is fast heading towards a serious disaster in the field of corn, maize and cotton sectors as attempts are being made to get formal approval of the Biotech/BT corn or maize seeds which carry heavy risks involved in terms of high costs as well as polluting other maize varieties.It is to be mentioned here that genetically modified seed producing companies - Pioneer, Syngenta and Monsanto - have submitted applications for commercialization of genetically modified (GM/BT…Read More