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Daunting challenges to biodiversity require serious approach

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article image Sidra SaifISLAMABAD: Pakistan is rich in biodiversity, home to over 1,250 species of plants and animals which are, no doubt, an asset for the survival of the biodiversity in the country that needs to be protected at any cost. However, the continued deforestation, soil erosion, salinity and water logging have become major threats to the biodiversity, which has a number of the world’s rarest animals and plants, but these are now in danger from habitat loss and overuse, coupled with rising…Read More

Daunting land desertification requires renewed commitment

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Sustainable use of land and depleting water re- sources is critical for sustainable socio- economic and environmental uplift, particularly food security and poverty alleviation. However, making sustain- able land management and water con- servation plans is not possible without a renewed national commitment…Read More