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Dead Board needs burial!

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Swindling public funds in the name of running government projects has always been a black spot on the performance of decision makers and subsequently the general masses have to pay the price in terms of economic problems, rising trends of official corruption, mismanagement, swallow of huge budgets, nepotism, favouritism, etc. The current dilapidated situation of Livestock and Dairy Development Board Islamabad is the best but worst example of this devastating approach. Though this Board,…Read More

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Another large whale found dead

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Local fishermen of Damb village near Sonminai, Balochistan, have recently found the corpse of a dead bryde’s whale deep inside the Miani Hor Lagoon, about 15 kilometres from entrance to the open ocean. The body was decomposed and its parts were lying scattered on the beach. The dead whale later beached. A team of officials and experts from WWF-Pakistan, Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Department inspected and collected DNA samples for analysis. Moazzam Khan, a…Read More

IBM breaks tech barriers for dead kids

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers, a project of Family Educational Services Foundation offer academic and vocational skills training for deaf children and young adults in an enabling environment where students can excel. In addition to a full academic regimen, they also learn marketable skills such as Culinary Arts, Tailoring, Stitching, Embroidery, Arts and Crafts, IT, Carpentry, and more.Six Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers care for upwards of 800 deaf students…Read More