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Bagasse – An Answer To Pakistan’s Declining Economy And Energy Crisis

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article image Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) is a perennial crop that is cultivated around the world mainly for sugar production. Pakistan, at present, ranks at 5th position in terms of total area production of sugarcane. Although there are several by-products obtained from sugar extraction, our focus here would be on “Bagasse”, an often neglected and mishandled by-product that […]…Read More

‘IT Growth can increase declining exports in Pakistan’

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Information technology can play an influential part in boosting decreasing exports in Pakistan as it can line up the export-based industries on modern lines. “IT Services contributed 17% in services for exports of $5 billion in 2016”, said Abdul Basit, President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) while speaking at a seminar on “IT […]…Read More

Declining book reading habits in our society

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OUR SOCIETY is like a human body. Just as a human body composes of organs and any organ being dysfunctional will cause the whole body to collapse; similarly, a society composes of organs some of them being home, socio-economic, religious institutions, justice, etc. and these organs failing can cause the rest of society to break up. It is also a fact that the society is composition of social uniformities and at the same time social dissimilarities. Compared with the eighteenth century, the…Read More

Experts show concern over declining mango orchards

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article image Staff Report Isb: Mango experts, farmers, academia and researchers showed a great concern over the fast decreasing mango orchards in Sindh. Speaking at a two-day "Conceptual Workshop on Pre- and Post-Harvest Management Interventions", growers said they are facing field problems, like lack of orchard management practices, water shortage and attack of fruit fly on the king of fruits mango and losing their source of income. The event was organized by the Australia-Pakistan…Read More

Declining research st and ards in Pakistan

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In Aril, 2013, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) awarded billions of rupees to Pakistani researchers that got their research published in different disciplines. Apparently, policy of supporting and encouraging researchers in different scientific disciplines is appreciable in the sense that it is a necessary evil to promote a culture of science and technology in the universities and research organizations. However, it raises important questions about the credibility of…Read More

Balochistan farm sector declining

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Farmers are regularly losing billions of rupees especially in Balochistan mainly due to the rising input costs which is causing decline in agriculture output by 50 per cent."The Balochistan’s agriculture sector was in decline because of energy costs rising, leading many to abandon the sector altogether," said spokesperson of the Falahi Anjuman Wholesale Vegetable Market, Shaikh Waqar Ahmed.He said that Balochistan has seen a rising trend of imports as domestic…Read More