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Demo of water car

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I WOULD like to share with readers that way back in the early 1940s, just before the end of World War II, an experiment to run water-fuelled car was successfully held and went into operation in the former state of Hyderabad (Deccan), India. As a reaction to extreme scarcity and rationing of petrol, Mahboob Ali, a pioneering former director of wireless and broadcasting and son of eminent scholar Maulvi Chiragh Ali, invented a gadget that made cars run on water and steam.The truth of its success…Read More

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Engineer gives demo of water fuel vehicle

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: A practical demonstration of using water as a fuel to run the vehicles was recently held at the Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) which is working under Ministry of Science and Technology.The demonstration was given by Agha Waqar Ahmed Khan, a Khairpur-based Mechanical Engineer, who was invited by the PSF under its "Invention and Innovation Support" Programme to encourage such activities for promotion of science and technology in the country.PSF Chairman Prof. Dr.…Read More

Sindh plans modern farm demo zone

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article image Staff Report IBD: The Sindh government plans to set up an Agriculture Demonstration Zone at Tandojam with an aim to introducing local farmers with new agriculture techniques."The introduction of new system, in collaboration with China, would result in improvement of their current cultivation pattern and marketing system of their produce," an official of the Planning Commission said.The official said that the Sindh government has submitted programme component-II of the project seeking…Read More

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