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Soil deserves love and care

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article image Adam and Eve were living peacefully when Satan whispered and they were thrown out of the heaven. Human were living peacefully enjoying serenity and beauty of nature Satan again whispered "industrialization" and destroyed the peace of planet earth. Then the giant started, this planet had become a kingdom of industry. Factories propagated on the land like weeds. Trees vanished, fields were barren, rivers blackened. The sky clogged on ash and smoke, and the people too are…Read More

Pakistan rightly deserves in Global Green Climate Fund

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan needs concerted efforts to benefit from Global Green Climate Fund that can help identify climate friendly technologies, facilitate their deployment, build national and regional technology management capacity besides supporting the research, development and demonstration of new climate friendly technologies."Pakistan is one of the worst victims of adverse effects of climate change and rightly deserves its share from the Fund," experts said.They said that the…Read More