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PCSIR in dire straits after govt wrong decision

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The PCSIR, the country’s most prestigious scientific research institution in the public sector, has been in desperate financial straits as the federal government has withdrawn its right to spend its self-generated income on research. According to sources, the test and analysis work that has been the laboratory’s only income generating resource for decades has literally come to a standstill since March hisas there is no money to buy chemicals or repair equipment.The…Read More

Dire need to preserve ecosystems

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Though the human activities like industrialization, economic activities, real estate or fast-paced urbanization in Pakistan are expanding, no matter if they go on sans any rules or codes, yet their implications on environment, wildlife, ecosystem of plants, natural habitats, animal species are shockingly beyond estimates. Massive migration of precious plants, rare species of animals as well as birds from their environmentally suitable places to unfriendly or non-conducive regions, of course,…Read More