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Isolation and Quarantine in biological disease outbreaks

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article image Isolation is defined as the separation of infected animals or individuals from healthy animals having contagious diseases to avoid spread of disease through direct means. For example, tuberculosis and Foot and Mouth disease etc. Quarantine is to keep new animals separate from the existing herd for a period of 14-21 days to check whether these animals are […]…Read More

Babesiosis a Protozoan Borne parasitic Disease in Dairy Industry and its Prevention Protocol

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article image Livestock industry is the integral part of agriculture. In Pakistan round about 65% peoples are directly or indirectly connected with the agriculture background from which they meet their daily needs. In Pakistan Livestock have great socio-economic importance because many small Dairy holder farmers are earning by selling milk, meat and animals. Our livestock industry is […]…Read More

National workshops on role of migratory birds in disease

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The departments of Clinical Medicine & Surgery (CMS) and Parasitology of the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore organized 2-day national workshop on “Role of migratory birds in disease dissemination” sponsored by Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB) and one more workshop on “Handling and Restraining of Migratory Birds with Tick Identification” by HEC. The […]…Read More

Theileriosis Disease: economic threat to Livestock Industry and Its Control Strategies

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article image Theileriases is tick born Protozoan parasitic disease in livestock population caused by Theileria parva (East cost fever) and Theileria annulata (Tropical or Mediterranean). Tick born diseases causes huge economical losses in dairy industry in tropical and subtropical areas where 80 % of total cattle population. Tick transmitted Theileriasis commonly known as East cost fever that […]…Read More

Milk Fever Disease In Dairy Animals and Protocols for its Prevention

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article image The Livestock sector Funds 58.55 percent in the agriculture documented a positive growth of 3.63 percent during 2015-16 associated with 3.99 percent growth during the same period last year. Livestock is an integral part of Agriculture Sector which mostly rural people depend for their livelihood.In Rural Areas, People depend their lives directly on behalf of […]…Read More

Lyme disease: An important Zoonotic disease transmitted through Tick Bite

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Climate change is a burning issue nowadays as temperature and humidity of earth is rapidly increasing day by day which provides a suitable environment for vectors (ticks, mosquitoes, mites, fleas, lice) to survive and reproduce rapidly. As a result of climate change, there is an increase in rainfall which in return favors the transmission of […]…Read More


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Mushroom is a perishable fruiting body which grows above ground on the surface of the soil. Mushrooms are saprophytic basidiomycete grown on dead organic waste materials mostly deciduous hardy plants. Mushrooms are edible and consumed worldwide. Having low-fat percentage it is a good alternate for the high blood pressure and diabetes infected patients. Mushrooms are […]…Read More

Need to keep panama disease at bay

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Panama disease of banana is posing a great risk to global banana production in many states. Tropical Race 4 (TR4), which affects Cavendish bananas as well as many other banana cultivars, was confirmed for the first time outside Southeast Asia in Jordan in 2013. This disease has drastically declined the banana production in most of the states. In Pakistan, bananas are majorly produced in the Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Symptoms of Fusarium wilt, including wilting of leaves and vascular…Read More