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Improper e-waste disposal can cause human diseases

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The improper disposal or burning of electronic waste like computers, mobile phones and TV sets in developing states especially Pakistan is not only one of the factors behind environment degradation but also can cause multiple human diseases like skin problems, lungs cancer, anemia and infertility as they heavily release toxicants to the air. "One of the big environmental problems we are facing today, but are unaware, is the e-waste and its improper disposal,"…Read More

Lack of e-waste disposal laws

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Though the generation of uncontrolled electronic waste (e-waste) especially in the developed states has emerged as a major problem in terms of its proper disposal, yet these rich states have criminally devised a mechanism and dispatch this e-waste, which is 40 million tons worldwide each year, to poor countries especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where recycling business of this e-waste has a big space to flourish. Since this e-waste carries a huge percentage of toxic chemicals, the…Read More

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Electronic waste disposal terrible for ignorant Pakistanis

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article image STAFF REPORT ISLAMABAD: Dumping of electronic waste has become a critical environment as well as human health issue in Pakistan as almost all developed states are regularly dispatching heavy consignments of their e-waste to poor countries particularly Pakistan, where not only the awareness about this issue is virtually non-existent but also the implementation of relevant laws is a problem. According to a UN report, the world collectively generates about 50 million tons of e-waste every…Read More