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SMW4 cut causing internet disruption in Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The submarine cable SEMEWE4 cable - linking majority of the internet and telephony traffic in Pakistan - has been cut near Alexandria, causing serious sluggishness for internet browsing in Pakistan, sources said.Various Internet Service Providers have confirmed major disturbance in their service due to the damage in the cable.The sources confirmed that SEAMEWE4 cable was cut at 12:04pm (Pakistan time), causing degraded internet services. Many websites aren’t even accessible,…Read More

$2b LNG project may face disruption

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The laid down procedure on the May 2011 LNG project valued at over $2 billion is being changed midway. Earlier, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources and Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had not only finalised the project, but also provided the capacity allocations to the three companies for importing LNG, source have said.The project includes investment from private companies and gas utilities - $160 million from Pakistan Gasport Limited, $200 million from Global…Read More