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Dont forget the vitality of mountains

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article image Mountains are the water towers and storehouses of energy for our world, yet each year, comes World Water Day, very little thought is given to the mountains and the people who live in mountain areas. This is a big mistake, especially considering this year’s theme of Water and Energy. Take for example the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region. It is the source of ten large Asian river systems and provides water, energy, and ecosystem services to more than 210 million people directly and…Read More

Seeds that dont sustain themselves

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article image Seed has a history as long as the human beings claim for themselves. The human history started with planting seeds and cultivating soon on a larger scale. Seed was the source that helped human existence thus leading to this level of population and expansion. Most of us are unaware of the reality that the food (either plant or animal source) we eat these days is not the same as our ancestors used few decades ago. The genetics of almost every crop has been changed either by breeding or…Read More

Broadb and growth: Dont blame the economy!

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article image DESPITE ONGOING economic challenges faced by the country, Pakistan is experiencing a phenomenal growth of Broadband Internet, which has become a household product. The current global economic recession has had a spiral effect worldwide and few segments have been able to resist its impact. However, this amazing growth of Broadband in the last one decade is an outstanding national success story. High-speed Internet streaming is revolutionizing the way people learn, communicate, work and do…Read More