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Water scarcity can drag Pakistan to more troubles

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is experiencing acute water scarcity which is badly hampering agriculture, evaporating potable water and creating energy crisis, however, if scientific and innovative methods are applied effectively it could ensure optimal usage of the available water resources, boost agriculture yield with less labour and lessen many other water-related issues. These consensus views were expressed by speakers at a one-day seminar organized by the COMSATS at the Institute of…Read More

Strong political will can drag Pakistan out of power crisis

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article image Sidra SaifISLAMABAD: Pakistan could face tougher times in coming years if the new democratic government in Pakistan does not display political will and come up with a pragmatic approach to overcome the persistent energy crisis which has almost crippled the whole fabrics of the national economy, agriculture and scared away international investors.Presently, the power supply-demand gap has got widened multiplying the crisis across the country which is witnessing the virtual shutdown of economic…Read More