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E-commerce boom empowers untapped resources

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: In the Hindu Kush mountains craftswomen painstakingly stitch flowing scarves, skilled artisans who were unable to sell their products beyond the remote region until mobile internet came to Pakistan and dropped the market into the palms of millions of previously marginalised people. The women of northern Chitral are among the unlikely profiteers of an e-commerce boom since 3G and 4G Internet arrived in the deeply conservative Muslim country in 2014, suddenly able to…Read More

E-commerce market has potential to progress

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: In the first quarter of 2015 smartphone shipments to Pakistan soared by 123 percent, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s annual report, one of the fastest growth rates in the developing world. Broadband subscribers in the country have topped 26 million people, the Ministry for Information Technology said in February, with broadband penetration going from three percent to more than 15 percent.It cited the World Bank studies showing that a 10…Read More

Pakistan, China agree to create e-corridor to supplement CPEC

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: A high level Chinese delegation, led by China Investment Promotion Centre Chairman Yan Lijin, has recently called on State Minister for IT Anusha Rehman. During the meeting, both the sides discussed matters relating to collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese public and corporate sector stakeholders in the areas of innovation, IT parks, electronic payments and other ICT services and infrastructure of mutual interest. While keeping in view the importance of…Read More

Pakistani and Chinese sides to evolve Strategic IT Sector Collaboration through E-Corridor supplementing CPEC

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article image Press Release : A high level Chinese delegation led by Mr.Yan Lijin Chairman, China Investment Promotion Center called on Minister of State for IT Mrs. Anusha Rehman here in Islamabad today to discuss matters relating to collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese public and corporate sector stakeholders in the areas of innovation, IT parks, electronic payments and other ICT services and infrastructure of mutual interest. Member Telecom Mr. Mudassar Hussain…Read More


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article image Pakistan Institute of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Development (PIID launched the E-Pakistan (Vision-2025) titled "Good Governance and Women Entrepreneurship" at Convention Centre, Islamabad, on December 14, 216. The PIID is a subsidiary centre for information technology. The ceremony included interactive session and panel discussion on ICTs for agriculture, educations, women empowerment, good governance, health and tourism. Speakers on the…Read More

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Pak will have $ 5 bln e-commerce market by 2020

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The online shopping trend is increasing in Pakistan. The penetration of broadband, 3G/4G technology, and increasing use of smartphones providing grounds for rapid growth of e-commerce, which will make it $ 5 bln industry by 2020. According to the statistics of Media Post, the online mobile spending is about 12 per cent tantamount US $ 303 billion in the United States. Experts believe that this incraesing trend will also impact Pakisan’s e-commerce industry. The e-…Read More

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Citizen-Centric e-governance: Can Pakistans democracy be improved?

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article image Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have turned into the miracle medicine for curing any country from the diseases of corruption, mismanagement, poor governance, inflation, monopolies, illiteracy and so forth. ICT tools and techniques to support good governance have considerably changed with the appearance of social media, simulation techniques, opinion mining, open government data, text analytics and visualization. Today, people are more connected than ever before through…Read More

Emergence of e-sports: Pakistani youth in the digital age

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article image Since its explosion across the country’s socio-cultural landscape over a decade ago, Computer Network Gaming has left a lasting impact on the lives of Pakistani youth growing up in the 21st century. From its earliest beginnings as a small cult phenomenon taking root in seedy internet cafes, network gaming has more or less become the mainstay of how today’s tech savvy youth are expected to socialize and form a healthy hobby around. Easy to access and with a relatively small…Read More

Pak e-commerce market set to surpass $1b by 2020

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan’s e-commerce market is expected to surpass $1 billion in five years, say local tech gurus who believe the time is ripe to invest in this growing segment and demonstrate leadership to succeed in this industry. "Pakistan is expected to see a boom in e-commerce in the next five years. This represents a huge opportunity for both start-ups and investors," said Shayaan Tahir, Founder and CEO of local e-commerce giant Homeshopping.pk. His company has…Read More

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E-Judiciary-modernizing judiciary with technology

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article image "The future of law is not to be found in impressive buildings or leather bound books but in small pieces of silicon; in streams of light; and in millions of miles of wires and cable." - Katsh Technological developments in the meadow of information and communication technology (ICT) and introduction of computers have made a turning point in the history of human civilization. It has brought about a change of tack in all fields of human activity and has resulted in enhanced…Read More