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Ebola virus disease

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article image Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) is acute, serious illness lead to death, formerly known as Fatal Hemorrhagic Fever in humans and mammals, caused by genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, and order Mononegavirale. It is negative sense single stranded RNA and disease is caused by Zaire ebolavirus. EVD is highly fatal disease and epidemic in South Africa, transmitted by wild animals and spread through humans to humans. It affects human and non human primates. EVD in human being is caused by four…Read More

Ebola epidemic, a threat with no boundaries.

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The Ebola virus is a serious and deadly disease transmitted by animals and humans. Scientists initially detected the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in 1976 in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers named the disease after the Ebola River that flows in the Congo. Although the Ebola virus has been present for many years, but an outbreak occurred in March 2014 that began in West Africa has proven more deadly, severe, and widespread than previousoutbreaks. It was considered that…Read More