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Bagasse – An Answer To Pakistan’s Declining Economy And Energy Crisis

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article image Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) is a perennial crop that is cultivated around the world mainly for sugar production. Pakistan, at present, ranks at 5th position in terms of total area production of sugarcane. Although there are several by-products obtained from sugar extraction, our focus here would be on “Bagasse”, an often neglected and mishandled by-product that […]…Read More

Modern trends in molecular biosciences can revolutionize economy

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Former Higher Education Commission Chairman Prof Dr. Attaur Rehman has said that investment in high-tech biotechnologies, genetic engineering and pharmaceutical sectors are of crucial importance to uplift economy of Pakistan. “Pakistan has to prioritize and assign maximum budget and resources for research, development, and education,” he said at an international conference on ‘Trends and Prospects […]…Read More

Agro-industries collaborations can boost economy

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Discussion of agro-industrial investors to increase their role in the economy of the country held at Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University. The aim of discussion was to set direction for new faculty of agricultural and biosystems engineering and technology. Problem faced by agro-based industries, role of agricultural engineering in agro-industries to reduce the cost of production, […]…Read More

CPEC restructuring Pakistan’s economy

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One thing that needs to be addressed in Pakistan is power shortage. Pakistan is in energy crisis despite having vast energy resources especially, coal reserves in Thar, Baluchistan, and Punjab. Pakistan facing an approx. average shortage of 4,000 megawatts so far. Exorbitantly high capital costs to existing hydro resources have distorted hydro-thermal ratio in power […]…Read More

PTA covered milestone for country’s economy

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The telecom of Pakistan has achieved a milestone within a fleeting period of time with dedicated efforts of mobile companies and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). PTA and services have made Pakistan stand proudly among its regional competitors. PTA Adds Rs 1.707 Trillion in National Treasure in four Years. the revenues added annually in Pakistan’s exchequer […]…Read More

Pakistan can boost its economy via biotechnology

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Among the biotech based crops, Pakistan ranked 7th among 26 countries of the world. It is successful in achieved acceptance of Insect Resistant (IR) biotech cotton grown on 2.9 million hectares. Global Status of Commercialization Biotech/GM Crops – 2016 reported the aforementioned facts at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) of Karachi […]…Read More