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Transgenic plants and their effect on beneficial soil fauna

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Soil represents a favorable habitat for microfauna and is inhabited by a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, and protozoa. According to one study, there is about one and ten million microorganisms present per gram of soil with bacteria and fungi being the most dominant. A renowned scientist once remarked, “Soil deprived […]…Read More

White Sugar and its effect on human health

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Important nutrient in our diet is carbohydrates. They supply energy to our body. Carbohydrates are composed of three constituents like fiber, starch and sugar. Starch and fiber are complicated carbohydrates and sugar is in simple form. Through nutrient quality we determine how much of these are present in food. Our body needs total three customs of carbohydrates to work properly. Glucose which is used as energy is broken down from sugar and starches. Sugar’s important role is to provide…Read More

Effect of salt stress on mungbean

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article image Mung bean (Vignaradiata L.) belongs to family Papilionaceae. It is an important pulse crop in South and Southeast Asia and is widely used due to its nutritional value. It is used in various forms such as cooked foods, mixed with different vegetables and meat as well as different types of cakes and noodles is also formed by using mung bean. In Pakistan, mung bean is grown on an area of 218,000 ha with annual production of 138.46 thousand tons. Mung bean has a high nutritional value. There…Read More