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CEO JAZZ, Aamir Ibrahim appointed Head of Emerging Markets, VEON Group

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PR: VEON Ltd. (formerly VimpleCom the parent company of Jazz), announced today that Aamir Hafeez Ibrahim will replace Jon Eddy as the Head Emerging Markets (Algeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh) for VEON, while continuing as CEO of Jazz. These changes mark a further step in implementing a leaner, more efficient corporate structure aimed at basing certain Group […]…Read More

UoS’s conference on emerging trends in zoology

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The first international conference on emerging trends in zoology kick-started at the University of Sargodha (UoS) on Friday with an esteem participation of academia and research scholars from different countries. In the two-day conference, as many as 70 national and foreign scholars including Dr. James D Harwood, Dr. S Parakrama, Dr. Sami Simsek, Dr. Arshad, […]…Read More


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article image A new emerging mosquito borne virus (Flaviviridae), first segregated in 1947 from a Rhesus monkey present in Zika forest of East African country Uganda, is the Zika virus. Its transmission is mainly by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. In sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, there were occasional cases after first Zika virus emergence. The outbreaks […]…Read More

‘Water Security and Emerging Threats in Pakistan’

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A large number of students, water experts, specialists, climatologists, and the government representative raise their voices to record their concern for water scarcity. They appealed to private and government sector to work on water issue on a war footing. The seminar on “Water Security and Emerging Threats in Pakistan” organized by Center for Global & […]…Read More

Camelina Oil as an Emerging Biofuel

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article image According to the theory of Entropy, the world is going towards destruction process in every second of time. The Climate and Weather are changing rapidly for the previous two decades. Seasons are shifting, glaciers are melting sea level is increasing; the frequency of floods, tsunamis, and the population are increasing. The change in climate is only due the human activities like use of fuel and diesel which have increased the concentration of CO2, NO, and chlorofluorocarbons. We cannot stop…Read More

Emerging anthelmintic resistance and medicinal plants as an alternative to combat resistance

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article image The worms are adversely affecting the efficiency of animals causing a huge financial loss to their owners. In our country the areas where animals are mostly fed on grazing, animals are at risk of heavy worm infestation. Generally, there are two types of parasites which can cause harm to the animals Ectoparasites and endoparasites. Ectoparasites are those which attack on the skin of the animal and damage the skin and transmit various pathogens through their bite. Ectoparasites include…Read More

Tomato consumption and health emerging benefits

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article image The "tomato" word may denote the plant Solanum lycopersicumL. The "tomato" word has the origin and description from the "tomatl" representing "the bulge fruit". Globally its production is round about 159 million tones. In Pakistan,tomato crop is employed in various ways, comprising raw constituents, as an ingredient in many dishes, salads, drinks and of course sauces. Tomatoes are almost grown in all provinces of Pakistan owing its utmost…Read More

Nanotechnology: an emerging trend in agriculture

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article image Nanotechnology is study of operating materials at nano-scale. It is an innovative, progressive, interdisciplinary scientific methodology that comprises designing, development and use of materials and devices at molecular level in nanometer scale i.e. at least one dimension ranges in size from 1 to 100 nanometers. Among the most recent mechanical advances, nanotechnology possesses a focal position. It has various applications in all phases of production, processing, collecting,…Read More

Herbal-cosmetics-emerging trends in common people

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article image Herbal Cosmetics: Herbal make ups, identified as goods that remain expressed via different acceptable cosmetic components to form the base into which different herbal component are utilized to define the ornamental advantages that merely will be described as herbal cosmetic goods. In ancient times, herbal makeup industries consisted of huge obscure contents into European and Western Countries for around six centuries ago. Herbal paste and fusions were used for whiten face, an exercise…Read More

Emerging issue of malnutrition in human life

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ROLE OF MICRONUTRIENT IN HUMAN LIFE: Fortification is the process of adding vitamins or minerals to foods to increase its overall nutritional value. A disquieting part of world’s population undergoes from "hidden hunger" the term used for micronutrient deficiencies because the symptoms often cannot be seen or felt. Body required very small quantities of vitamins and mineral elements for normal physical and mental development, their deficiency affected more than a third of the…Read More