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Pakistan enjoys potential in citrus production

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan enjoys a huge potential in citrus production and the government is making all out efforts to enhance citrus productivity and quality.Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan said this while chairing a meeting of committee constituted by the Prime Minister on citrus development. The participants had a detailed discussion on the composition of citrus development board.It is expected that the committee would suggest the…Read More

Broadb and scope enjoys good market space

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistani market seems to have the basic ingredients for rapid adoption of broadband internet as there is not only a huge, addressable market of over 100 million adults and nearly 30 million households that are up for the taking, but also an encouraging trend seems to be emerging where more and more people are using online means to stay connected.According to the PTA’s recently released Annual Report (2012) estimates that broadband penetration rate stood at a paltry 1.2…Read More