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Talented Pakistani Samira excels in rescue missions with drones

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: Pakistani origin woman, Samira Hayt, is aggressively doing research work to develop a drones network to cater to the needs at mega work places or regions. "My research explores networks of drones. Drones that perform aerial patrols of vast areas and solve complicated tasks often rely on a large number of individual helicopters, which have to cooperate and communicate. This requires network technologies," said Samira while talking to media. …Read More

Pak student excels in ultrafast laser techniques

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: Ultrafast laser techniques have helped MIT physics graduate Fahad Mahmood and fellows establish that electrons form charge-density waves in the thin-film superconductive material LSCO cuprate. "The question is how does this fluctuating charge-density wave compete or not interfere with superconductivity, and what we found is that it actually competes with superconductivity," Mahmood explains. "Electrons for a very short amount of time are in this…Read More

NUST excels in two-wheeler vehicle

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Students of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have developed Pakistan’s first Sugway, a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels.According to details, the personal two-wheeler vehicle named "Subak Raftar" can be used in shopping malls, airport, factories, universities, museums, golf courts and large buildings and also very useful ride for security guards too.While talking to the media, the students, who have developed the…Read More