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Energy experts laud formulation of Pakistan’s first National Water Policy, Urgency in implementation stressed

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PR:  Applauding the unanimous approval of Pakistan’s first National Water Policy by all the four provinces, the energy experts participating in a roundtable advised on expediting the process of policy’s implementation by relying on country’s own resources instead of wasting time in seeking help from other countries and international institutions. The recommendation was made in a […]…Read More

Earth’s rotation is slowing down: experts predict the earthquakes will be increased in 2018

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article image Geoscientists team notified that around every 25-30 years Earth’s rotation began to slow down. The slowing rotation historically has been found from last 5 years (increase in earthquakes). Geologists analyzed every earthquake to occur since 1900 at a magnitude above 7.0, looking for trends in the occurrence of large earthquakes and found is that roughly […]…Read More

Pak-Iran experts consented on exchange programmes in S&T

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Pak-Iran experts had a high level joint meeting on Science and Technology at Tehran. According to the media Rana Tanveer Hussain Minister for Science and Technology said that since the beginning both Pakistan and Iran enjoy remarkable relations. Rana Tanveer visited Tehran on invitation of Dr. Mansour Gholami, Minister of Science, Research and Technology of […]…Read More

Lack of IT experts in Pakistan claimed VC of IT university

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In Pakistan unemployment, among IT graduates are often heard. While Dr. Umar Saif, VC of IT University, claimed that there is a shortage of IT experts in Pakistan. The reason behind this shortage is that IT graduates do not have certain skills like critical thinking. Unfortunately, majority of university graduates and school students in Pakistan […]…Read More

Experts urge capacity-building in policy-making and governance for the approaching Intelligence Age

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PR: Shedding light on various socio-political and policy implications of the fourth industrial revolution an insightful session debated if we were ready to face the provocations put forward by the new age of artificial intelligence and whether we were preparing our future generations to cope with the forthcoming augmented reality? The questions were raised in the […]…Read More

Effective strategic use of fintech needed in banks; Experts

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Shariah-compliant banks have been urged to adopt a strategy to make effective use of financial technology, triggering substantial changes to global financial markets. Ahmed Ali Siddiqui, director of Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance at IBA, said at a seminar that Islamic finance industry has a share of 13.5% in Pakistan currently with 5 million […]…Read More

Experts warn of bleak future if federation, provinces fail to resolve post-18th amendment impasse

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PR: Energy experts and policy analysts at a roundtable organized at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) have warned that if immediate measures are not taken by the federation and the provinces to sort out their policy differences on the interpretation and application of the 18th constitutional amendment vis-à-vis oil and gas exploration, the consequences could be disastrous. […]…Read More

Start-ups are reshaping entrepreneurship in Pakistan, say experts

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PR:  Pakistan’s new crop of entrepreneurs must learn how to sell their idea as a first step towards realizing their dream, said experts at Jinnah Institute’s town hall titled ‘From Ideas to Markets: How start-ups are reshaping entrepreneurship”, held at Iqra University Karachi. While the entrepreneurship landscape was changing in favour of entrepreneurs through improved access to […]…Read More

Pakistan losing $200 million due to fruit fly: experts

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article image The country is losing $200 million annually due to fruit fly, which is a serious threat to export of fruits and vegetables. It was said by agricultural experts during a seminar organised by the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, in collaboration with the district government on the directives of the Punjab government here on Saturday. The […]…Read More