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Science Diplomacy exponential role in climate change signaled

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article image By: Ahsan Jamil Staff Report ISB: Science and diplomacy are interlaced together; both can abet each other in many ways. In todays’ world there are numerous common challenges that world faces such as climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity reduction etc. Even sworn rival nations many times are posed to a common challenge that needs common resolve to defy it. There is a growing need to create awareness and train resource in this regard to create science diplomats that can…Read More

E-communication-exponential variable to make world Global Village

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article image COMMUNICATION is a bridge to share ideas, feelings by using sound, symbols, and body language. Today’s world is striving to communicate frequently for different purpose for instance life’s affairs, business, commerce, mining or even any difficulty that must be resolved. The need of people has reached at the platform of electronic communication system. The electronic communication system or concept of global village is a term closely associated with Marshall McLuhan popularized in…Read More