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Experts warn of bleak future if federation, provinces fail to resolve post-18th amendment impasse

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PR: Energy experts and policy analysts at a roundtable organized at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) have warned that if immediate measures are not taken by the federation and the provinces to sort out their policy differences on the interpretation and application of the 18th constitutional amendment vis-à-vis oil and gas exploration, the consequences could be disastrous. […]…Read More

PTA orders fail to stop telcos from charging call set-up fee

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Despite the directions of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the country’s cellular mobile operators (CMOs) are charging the consumers with 12 paisas on account of call set-up fee recently imposed by them. Official sources said that all CMOs are fleecing the consumers with 12-paisa call set-up fee, which is a sheer violation of the directions issued by the PTA. It is to be mentioned here that the PTA with the start of the new year had directed all the CMOs…Read More

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