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Significance of Bacillus thuringiensis for Food Security and its Future Standpoint

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article image Food security has become a key problem for increasing human population not only in developing or underdeveloped countries but also in developed countries. It has appeared as a serious threat to the whole world because food security, by definition (i.e. providing ample and healthy food to all human beings without any discrimination of colour, creed, […]…Read More

Control Measures of Cotton Leaf Curl Virus, a major threat to cotton’s future

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Cotton Leaf Curl Disease is among the most destroying viral catastrophe that causes tremendous loss to cotton yield particularly in Pakistan during the past 20 years. Seven different types of Begomoviruses have been discovered related with the disease. It was first revealed in Nigeria (1912) on Gossypium Peruvianum and Gossypium Vitifolia, Sudan (1924), Tanzania (1926), […]…Read More

Experts warn of bleak future if federation, provinces fail to resolve post-18th amendment impasse

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PR: Energy experts and policy analysts at a roundtable organized at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) have warned that if immediate measures are not taken by the federation and the provinces to sort out their policy differences on the interpretation and application of the 18th constitutional amendment vis-à-vis oil and gas exploration, the consequences could be disastrous. […]…Read More

Global warming serious future threat

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Global warming is a sign of threat for the earth and its inhabitants. Concern about global warming has increased and many believe that the phenomenon will eventually pose a serious threat to people and their way of life. A gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans is known as […]…Read More

Poor Quality of Drinking water, an alarming threat: Present Challenges and Future Perspectives

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Water, water, water, this is the most horrible cry of the present era. Day by day increase in environmental temperature has rung the ever day increasing demand for drinking water. However, our so called modernization such as urbanization, sky touching industries and the most important, rapid population growth has consigned gigantic stress on fresh water […]…Read More

Conductive Inks: The Future of Electronics

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article image Conductive ink is an advanced ink which is used to draw or print circuits on various substrates that can conduct electricity and are used in printed electronics. Conductive ink printing usually uses common printing equipment i.e. a printer suitable for defining patterns on material, e.g. flexography, screen printing, gravure, offset lithography, and inkjet. They are […]…Read More