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Control weeds and protect your garden during harsh summer by mulching

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article image There are many reasons to use mulch in your garden. Mulch keeps weeds down, improves soil structure and makes your garden more attractive. Another big plus for using mulch is that it prevents water loss by evaporation and conserves the amount of water you will have to use in the summer and reduce water consumption in summer. Mulch also reduces the temperature in root zone by covering the soil that prevents direct sun light to soil surface. Therefore it has…Read More

Kitchen garden: Health and wealth just at your doorstep

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article image What a kitchen garden is? Why one should grow a garden near his/her home. Why to send our time at taking care of plants? . . . Many such questions and queries fill the minds of an average man of our society, Hence a need to clarify such misconceptions and misleading attitudes is needed. Kitchen gardening is basically a small piece of land somewhere behind, near or within the human living place i-e the house one lives in, consistent of ordinary or special to purpose vegetables, fruits…Read More