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Applications of genomics approaches to agriculture

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article image Agriculture is the primary means of meeting the nutritional needs of the world’s population. The projected growth in population from the current 6 billion to 9–10 billion within 50 years will put enormous strains on the world’s food supply. At present, approximately 800 million people are malnourished. In the past, improvements in agriculture through the […]…Read More

Genomics research centre inaugurated

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The Jamil-ur-Rahman Centre for Genomics Research has recently been inaugurated at the Karachi University, which is a major development. The centre is situated inside the premises of International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences and has been named after the father of former federal minister for science and technology Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman. Dr Rahman said that the developments in genetics research are paving the way for developing countries like Pakistan…Read More

Personalised genomics

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Personal genomics that area of genomics concerned with the sequencing and analysis of the genome of an individual as 97 per cent genome of population of world is same difference lies here in three per cent hence in order to find mutations either single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs) or Copy Number Variation (CNVs). Interest for personal genomics began in 1990 as with the Human Genome Project, an effort towards the sequencing of all the genes in a human being, which was completed in 2003 at a…Read More