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Oracle Cloud Growth Driving Aggressive Global Expansion

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PR: Driven by strong customer demand for its cloud services worldwide, Oracle today announced plans to significantly expand its modern cloud infrastructure footprint. The company’s rapid expansion plans include the opening of 12 new datacenter regions and increase the breadth and depth of Oracle Cloud services available across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. With this news, […]…Read More

Pakistan attracting global real estate investors

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The increased demand for the housing has motivated different projects in different regions of the country. This has set a new real estate venture in federal city in Pakistan. Islamabad based project of $2-billion, named Eighteen, was formally launched in Islamabad. The project is a partnership between Egypt-based Ora Developers and Saif Group, the Pakistani […]…Read More

HMD Global celebrates one year as the new home of Nokia phones

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PR: With the ambition of being truly global from day one, HMD Global has already released its new portfolio of six Nokia smartphones and five feature phones in over 80 markets with activations in 170 countries, delivering websites in 48 languages and setting up solid foundations for future growth. Fast paced growth and scale HMD Global […]…Read More

Pakistan has potential to lead global halal trade

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 Government should formulate favorable policies for livestock sector which has 55.9 % and 11.8 % share in agriculture and GDP respectively. Because livestock is important part of agriculture of Pakistan and can pitch potential to get huge share in the international halal trade of over $ 300 billion. LCCI President Malik Tahir Javaid leading Punjab […]…Read More

Global Youth Clan’s awareness campaign for climate change

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Awareness walk by Global Youth Clan as a team with Youth Advocacy Network and a few other youth associations, including Gilgit Baltistan Youth Council, Path to Humanity Foundation, Lagan Foundation, Al-Faeda Organisation, Sustainable Social Development Organization and K-3 Shaheen to create awareness about environmental change and air pollution. The walk began from Liberty Chowk and […]…Read More


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article image A new emerging mosquito borne virus (Flaviviridae), first segregated in 1947 from a Rhesus monkey present in Zika forest of East African country Uganda, is the Zika virus. Its transmission is mainly by the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. In sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, there were occasional cases after first Zika virus emergence. The outbreaks […]…Read More

Global warming serious future threat

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Global warming is a sign of threat for the earth and its inhabitants. Concern about global warming has increased and many believe that the phenomenon will eventually pose a serious threat to people and their way of life. A gradual increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and its oceans is known as […]…Read More

Pakistan to explore new markets for Global Halal Food Trade

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Pakistani government is exploring new markets with a focus on Global Halal Food Trade to export meat and dairy products. Pakistan is aiming to meaningfully increase its exports to many Muslim countries that are dependent on imported meat, according to media. The country to keep the international standards for frozen or chilled red meat is […]…Read More

Team Alphabots participated in FIRST Global Challenge

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article image Major international robotics event in the shape of the FIRST Global Challenge took place Washington DC, in July 2017 aimedtoincrease knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) of students from 15 to 18 years. FIRST Global is to motivate the youth to be scientific leaders of tomorrow by solving some of the biggest challenges […]…Read More