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HEC’s National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council delegation visits Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, UVAS

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PR: A delegation of National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council (NAEAC) from Higher Education Commission, Islamabad visited Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition of the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore. The delegation comprised on Secretary (NAEAC) Mr Naseer Alam Khan, Deputy Director (NAEAC) Raja Mehtab Yasin, with Subject Expert Dr Shinawar Waseem […]…Read More

HEC’s significant role in higher education in Pakistan

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Preston University, Islamabad campus has hosted a high- profile panel discussion to argument about the position of higher education in Pakistan and role played by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in supporting the higher education sector of Pakistan. Preston University, Islamabad has organized the event to mark the ‘15th Anniversary’ of the HEC. Honest and […]…Read More

UVAS holds walk, debate & poster competitions as part of HEC’s 15 years celebrations

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PR: The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore arranged various activities including a motivational walk, debate and poster competitions with the theme of Battling Terrorism with Knowledge here on Thursday as part of Higher Education Commission (HEC) 15 year celebrations / role and contribution of higher education institutions in national development. Pro Vice-Chancellor […]…Read More

HEC’s online attestation system frustrating students


Higher Education Commission’s Degree Attestation System was designed for applicants’ facilitation but it would rather have turned a source of pain for them due to the frustrating procedure it has. The procedure for online verification of degree seems very simple but in reality, it’s totally a different game Students have expressed their anger while saying […]…Read More

HECs verification of fake degrees comes to surface

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Scam of verification of fake degrees of top officers of country by Higher Education Commission (HEC) has come to light amid the reports that investigation by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) into fake degrees verification fraud is in final stage. The HEC has admitted finally the reports of verification of fake degrees of powerful government officers are correct. Earlier, the HEC was facing the charges of issuance of fake degrees and the new scam has exposed the credibility…Read More