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Mobile Internet Transforming House-Hunting in Pakistan

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How the surging number of smartphone users is changing Pakistan’s real estate sector. LAHORE, 4 March 2015: Pakistani house-hunters have now embraced mobile Internet over traditional offline methods for finding their ideal home. This can be attributed to the growing number of 3G and 4G users across the country. Pakistan currently boasts 30 million internet users, 15 million smartphone users and around 12.8 million active, monthly Facebook users, more than half of which are active…Read More

House-hunting Through Social Media in Pakistan

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article image Pakistan’s biggest property portal delves deeper into the property needs of the real estate customer. LAHORE, 21 OCTOBER, 2014: Hands down every one of us is a witness of the technology boom in Pakistan. Talking about the real estate industry, it is also moving from offline to online with portals such as Lamudi ensuring that the transition is smooth for potential customers and agents. The digital overview of Pakistan also supports this increasing internet penetration in the country…Read More

House-hunting goes mobile with world Lamudi app

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Leading property portal Lamudi is going mobile as it has launched a new iPhone app for house-hunters in emerging markets. The app, Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent, features a wide selection of agency and property listings, giving global house-hunters a free platform to find real estate on the go. From today, properties in Pakistan, Morocco, Mexico and Colombia will be featured on the app. Listings from across Lamudi’s network of 28 countries in Asia, the…Read More

Mass hunting of markhor

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I WOULD like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the mass hunting of wildlife at Goth Ismail Shikari Kharkhacho tehsil, Bela district, Lasbella, Balochistan.About 10,000 wild goats (markhor) and sheep are present in this area and people are free to hunt. Wildlife is diminishing and damaging the beauty of area.Locals d lodged a complaint with former district Nazim but of no use.I request the authorities to impose restriction and heavy penalty on hunting markhor to preserve…Read More