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Bioweapons-a new trend in emerging sciences (Part-II)

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Part-II Basically different biologists have defined this term in different ways; 1: Bioweapons are the biological agents derived from the living organisms that are capable of infecting and causing both sickness and death in people, animals and plants. 2: Bioweapons sometimes are called biowarfare which means that intentional use of microorganisms or toxins derived from living organisms of as an act of war or political violence with intent to cause death or disease in human, animal or in…Read More

TRTA II programme supports PT Scheme in Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairperson Pakistan Council for Science and Technology Dr. Muddassar Israr has said that the establishment of a National Proficiency Testing Provider will facilitate numerous accredited testing laboratories nationwide to address requirements for international recognition for their testing service."After the establishment of proficiency testing scheme the cost will not only be reduced, but also such a scheme, once accredited, may be offered to other laboratories overseas…Read More

Samsung starts Galaxy Note II

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Samsung Galaxy Note II has been a successful story since its launch in October 2012. Samsung is celebrating the success of its Samsung Galaxy Note II by organizing Creative Guru’ events in various cafes of Pakistan.According to details, within two months of its launch, Galaxy Note II sold more than five million units with the demand of smart phones rapidly expanding. It has surely been a bigger success than its predecessor Galaxy Note I due to the sheer overwhelming number of…Read More