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Climate Change Impacts on Soil Resources

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Basically, climate change is a long term shift or modification in temperature, precipitation patterns, relative humidity and changes in hydro-logical phenomena. Climate change is a fundamental threat to sustainable development, with devastating impacts on agriculture, water resources, ecosystems, and human health. The evidence is clear that climate change is already hurting the poor particularly in […]…Read More

Climate Change Impacts on Crop Productivity and Endangering Pakistan Future

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article image Climate study is very important as all life forms survive in this world due to favorable climatic conditions and any change in climate will affect all biological lives around the world by altering forests, crop yields and water supplies. Climate is the average measure of variation in meteorological variables in a particular region over long […]…Read More

Adverse impacts of Global warming on biodiversity

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Right steps needed to tackle negative impacts of climate change. Global warming is causing negative impacts on environment. Adverse impacts of global warming are on glaciers, river flows, underground water recharge systems, agriculture and overall biodiversity in in Pakistan which require some drastic measures to cope this situation. There is a serious need for farmers […]…Read More

Impacts of the Pesticides Used in the Agriculture Sector on the Pollinators

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article image THE POLLINATION is a pivotal process in almost all productive ecosystems but pollination has been generally overlooked until very recently. The vital roles of pollinators are no less important in remote wilderness of the Arctic and deserts than in highly managed farming system. There are roughly 200,000 varieties of animal pollinators in the wild, most of which are insects. Entomophily, pollination by insects, often occurs on plants that have developed colored petals and a strong scent to…Read More

Positive impacts of coffee

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article image Coffee is a drink prepared from ground and roasted beans from very hot and humid tree. A drink, you command at Starbucks, prepared from roasted ground beans and is an instance of coffee. Coffee has the supreme significance in the production of the trade worldwide. Approximately 100 people participates in the production, manufacture and trade processing. Many of people lives in manufacturing regions round about 20 degrees north and south of the equator. The…Read More

Impacts on environmental economics

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Efficient use and conservation of environmental resources have always been critical for long-term sustainable economic development and for the survival of mankind. However, in Pakistan the situation has entirely reverse as rapid degradation of these resources has emerged as a major concern for the stakeholders as this negative factor is not only destroying ecosystem but also leading to fast decline in foreign exchange. The rampant deforestation, encouraged by lack of relevant laws, is eating…Read More

Steps called to control climate change impacts

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: A seminar has recently been organized to commemorate the International Day of Forests by IUCN, and the Ministry of Climate Change, CDA, Bahria University at Bahria University, Islamabad Campus with an objective to highlight the importance of the International Day of Forest. The theme of the year 2016 is: "Forest and Water". While elaborating the significance of forests, Abdul Munaf Qaimkhani, Deputy IG Forests, said that in order to reduce the rising…Read More

Judicious use of natural resources vital to control climate change impacts

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Judicious use of natural resources including wildlife can do miracles to overcome environmental and climate change problems, said Ambassador of South Korea Dr. Song Hong Hwan while addressing a function at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) in connection with the World Wildlife Day celebrations. PMNH in collaboration with Ministry of Science and Technology, PSF, Ministry of Climate Change, US Embassy and Snow Leopard Foundation arranged different…Read More

Experts for coop to address climate change impacts on Indus basin

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: Experts at an international conference have emphasized for greater collaboration between various actors and initiatives to understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change in the Indus River Basin. They also said that while there are data and research gaps, the situation is exacerbated by the lack of adequate sharing among researchers and between researchers and government suggesting that should be a priority. More than 80 researchers, policy makers,…Read More

WEF head focuses on climate change impacts

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Chairman Water Environment Forum, Nisar A Memon, has recently visited the OICCI to give a lecture on the climate change challenges. He was welcomed by President OICCI Atif Bajwa, Vice President Shahab Rizvi and Secretary General M Abdul Aleem. On the occasion, Memon highlighted that climate change is already happening in the form of rising temperatures, atmospheric carbon dioxide level, frequency of tropical storms and sea levels. Its impact are already being…Read More