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Rice fish aquaculture improves farmer’s income

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article image Rice-Fish water culture might be practiced to enhance the income of agriculturists and to make a fundamental thing accessible in the eating routine of people living in rural regions where this culture is the staple ration. As rice development requires a lot of water and fish culture likewise require water for fish life, this combination […]…Read More

US improves IESCO ability to cut power outages

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STAFF REPORTS ISB: USAID and Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) have inaugurated the Power Distribution Control Center (PDCC) at the IESCO headquarters, Islamabad, in order to mark a milestone in US support of Pakistan’s energy sector. According to details, the PDCC, built with assistance from USAID, enables IESCO to monitor the flow of power in real time, allowing technicians to reduce unplanned load-shedding in the region. "This control center is enabling IESCO to monitor…Read More