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Hydroponics solution to increasing food demands

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The only answer to country’s ever-increasing food requirements is a hydroponic system of growing in the wake of massive population growth in the last few years, said Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad, Vice Chancellor of Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR). Hydroponics is a technique of agriculture sector which will open more dimensions for […]…Read More

Arsenic, lead increasing in Indus River water

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Amount of arsenic and lead is increasing in the water of Indus River at an alarming stage, reveals a recent independent research. About 70 water samples were collected from 70 different locations of upper Indus basin, glaciated valleys, and nallas from Gilgit/Biltistan. Highest sampling elevation was 4683 m near Khunjrab Pass by lowest about 76 m after Hyderabad city, the report said. At 24 places water coming from glaciated valley or nalas showed…Read More

Multi-fruit crops tendency of stemming increasing hunger

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article image ALMOST 1 BILLION people across the globe will go to bed hungry tonight, 200 million of them children. Most of those people are smallholder farmers who depend on agriculture to make a living and feed their families. Despite an explosion in the growth of urban slums over the last decade, nearly 75 percent of poor people in developing countries live in rural areas. That’s why growth in the agriculture sector has been found, on average, to be at least twice as effective in reducing poverty…Read More

UNIDO for increasing IP rights awareness

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Creating public awareness of intellectual property (IP) is part of a cluster of activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of business and research institutions to use IP system effectively. These views were shared by the heads and representatives of partner organisations at a ceremony recently held in Islamabad. The event was organised by the UNIDO for handing over comprehensive sets of IP reference material to IPO Pakistan and Pakistan Institute of Trade And…Read More

Impact of livestock in increasing greenhouse gases

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article image Livestock production plays a key role in the life of farmers. In global food production it provides food, income, employment and many other contributions to rural development and also has part of local landscapes and ecosystems for eras. In human society it also contributes by food, employment, nutrients and incomes which are helpful for the economy of the country. Animals for the sake of food vastly contribute in the production of greenhouse gases so there is a need for the awareness…Read More

Increasing role of agribusiness in farm economics

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article image Agriculture is considered the backbone of our national economy. Pakistan’s agriculture contributes approximately 20.8 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), provides a large scale employment and fulfills the food and nutritional requirements of the nation. It provides important raw materials for some major industries. Pakistani agriculture faces numerous challenges with a rapidly changing business environment, pace of technological globalization, competitive…Read More