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Biological nitrification inhibition-an efficient approach

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article image Nitrogen (N) is an essential element, needed by plants in highest quantity followed by carbon. It is crucial for the synthesis of proteins, DNA, RNA, chlorophyll, vitamins, plant hormones and many other biomolecules. Almost 20-50 g of nitrogen is taken up by the plant to synthesize 1 kg of dry matter thus crop yield is highly dependent on nitrogen supply. Annually 88 Mt of nitrogen fertilizer is utilized by agriculture sector. Agriculture sector is the main contributor towards the global…Read More

Biological nitrification inhibition-a breakthrough

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article image NITROGEN IS the most important element in plant nutrition beyond any doubt. Its multifunctional nature places it to the most distinguished rank among nutrients. It plays a vital role in plant metabolism, physiological activity, defense mechanism, growth, development and efficiency by influencing a number of key enzymes, precursors and metabolites. Nitrogen is most abundant gas in air (about 79 per cent) but unfortunately plants are unable to use this atomic N and thus uptake from root zone…Read More