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Biotechnology Plays a Significant Role to Control Insect Pests of Agricultural Crops

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Today insect pests have been one of most important problem in food production .Previous research have been proved that 1/3 of agricultural production of world, prized at several billion dollars is ruined by damaging of field and storage insect pests every year. Various toxic, broad-spectrum and synthetic chemicals are used to control pests.Natural ecosystem, human […]…Read More

Advances and prospects of RIDL Technology in Insect Pest Management

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article image Release of Insect carrying Dominant Lethal gene (RIDL) technique is Just like Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) in which male population exposed to irradiations and after that male population is released into field then sterile male mate with female population and ultimately no viable eggs produced. So it’s a best Insect pest control technique in which […]…Read More

Castor bean (Ricinus Communis): A potential alternative to synthetic insecticides for the eco-friendly management of insect pests stored commodities


article image Habib-ur-Rehman1, Mansoor-ul-Hasan2, Saima Mirza1, Qurban Ali3, Najaf awais2 Storage is a vital part of farm produce in order to ensure the unceasing supply of food throughout the year. Since storage times, stored commodities have been vulnerable to attack by various insects and resulting in qualitative as well as quantitative losses in stored foodstuffs(Hasan et al., 2006). […]…Read More

FRUIT FLY- A Serious Insect Pest of Horticultural Crops in Pakistan.

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article image Fruit fly is a serious pest of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. It causes intensive fruit losses from 50 to 90%. Mango, guava, citrus, melon, and cucurbits are seriously affected. The quality of fruits, financial losses, health problems and quarantine risk is caused by its attack. Prominent species found in Pakistan are Bactrocera zonata, B. […]…Read More

Entomo-Pathogenic Nematode (EPNs), an assassinator of insect pests

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article image Today, in the field of pest management the trend of Entomo-pathogenic nematodes (EPNs) application is emerging globally. Research based literature supported that EPNs has prodigious potential against different pest. EPNs are profound to be a target oriented bio-control assassinator of insect pest. Many enigmatic and cryptic nature of insect can’t resist against the assassination of this bio control agent. Mostly, Nematodes are soil inhabitants.…Read More

Insect growth regulators for managing insect pests

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Storage of cereals and their products is a vital part of post-harvest operations, through which food commodities passes from its way from farmer field to the ultimately consumer. Annual post-harvest losses of stored cereals due to various biological factors in the storages range from 10-20% of overall production. Insect pests are the main factor responsible for these losses as they reduce both quality and quantity of grains. Among various stored grain insect pests, khapra beetle and red flour…Read More