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Jack Fruit

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article image Different fruits have different charms, jack fruit is one of them. The word jackfruit comes from Portuguese. Garcia de Orta, physicians firstly named jackfruit in 1953 in his book. In Urdu, Jackfruit is called Kathal. Its botanical name is Artocarpus heterophyllus and family belongs to Moraceae. Its order is rosales in kingdom plantae. Its genus […]…Read More

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Positive review of policies can jack up telecom industrys growth

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The revenues generated by the telecom operators in Pakistan have reached all time high at Rs 445.7 billion during 2012-13 as compared to Rs. 235.6 billion in 2006-07. The revenues of telecom operators grew by 8.9 per cent up from Rs. 409.2 billion during the same duration last year. The fresh data on telecom industry issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) shows that each passing fiscal year has witnessed increase in revenues of telecom operators as these…Read More

Tax relief can jack up tractor manufacturing

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article image STAFF REPORT MULTAN: A veteran industrialist has prescribed reduction in sales tax to give boost to tractor manufacturing which has declined to only 18,376 units in 2013-14 from 71,000 in 2010-11 since the levy of sales tax in 2011-12. "The goal of modern and mechanized agriculture could only be achieved by reducing taxes on agriculture machinery and simplifying their purchase procedure," said Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (MCCI) convener of sub-committee on…Read More