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Preston University remembers eminent Nuclear Scientist Ishfaq Ahmed

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article image PR: Preston Institute of Nano Science and Technology (PINSAT) Preston University organized a Condolence Reference in memory of nuclear scientist of international eminence late Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed. The referenced event was held at the Islamabad campus of Preston University. Eminent among the speakers who spoke on the occasion and paid glowing tribute to late Mr. Ishfaq […]…Read More

DTH (Direct-To-Home) Too Little Too Late

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Direct-to-home is simply high definition digital TV at our door step. Why most of us never heard of it? Because PEMRA didn’t think it was right time to auction out licenses of a technology that is being used by millions of users in the region. DTH would mean high quality international entertainment channels at our doorstep. Now if we look at the possible DTH deployment in Pakistan picture looks pretty dark. Local cable providers not only provide low quality cable services which is…Read More

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Before it is too late!

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It was rare but alarming that only days before the October earthquake, most parts of the northern areas of Pakistan received heavy early snowfall and remained cut off from the country, forcing an emergency evacuation of thousands of people trapped there. Even Naran was buried under four feet of snow which was the earliest snowfall in the area since 40 years. This is not the first unusual weather event this year as in July a heavy downpour created flash floods and glacial lake bursts in…Read More

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Its never too late!

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PTA has reportedly decided to place a cap on all night packages presently being offered by all the local mobile phones service providers. This, no doubt, is a good step in right direction, but the telecom watchdog should have taken this corrective move far earlier as the luring night packages for both phone calls and SMS have left an overall negative impact especially on the young generation who remain glued to the mobile phones the whole night talking to their friends or cross-sex individuals.…Read More

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Glaciers late melting delaying crop sowing

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: Punjab’s agricultural areas now face a severe water shortage due to the late melting of the Himalayan glaciers - a main source of the region’s rivers, delaying the sowing of three of the four most important crops in the country - cotton, sugarcane and rice."The water flow in the rivers is approximately 35 per cent below what it should be for this time of the year," said Arshad Khan, an officer at the Punjab Irrigation Department. "That shortage may rise to as…Read More

Too late to put forward recommendations!

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Shortsightedness and lack of sustainability has always been the drawback in devising the short as well as long-term policies by policy makers in Pakistan, that subsequently pushed the country far back on road to progress. The government currently is engaged with the auction of 3G/4G licences scheduled to be done by the end of March next, thanks to the policy makers again who, after repeated delays during the last about two years, have finally come up with apparent consensus to allow the 3G/4G…Read More