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National Textile University designed a low energy consumption machine

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NTU: National Textile University (NTU), Faisalabad has developed a machine with a new innovative heating and dying system that enable it to utilize approximately 20 to 30 percent less energy due to the introduction of a new innovative heating and dying system. The experts of the NTU Dr. Yasir Nawab and Muhammad Ayub Asghar after […]…Read More

Fast ROI from waterjet machine investment and its unexpected benefits.

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/ins. Concept Sweden AB is a young company, but they have many years of experience within the field of automation. Situated in Gothenburg, on the west coasts of Sweden, a group of experienced engineers and young blood in the line started the automation company in 2011. The startup has been very successful with an average […]…Read More

The Digital Payment Solution in Pakistan Selling Machine

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Staff Reporter ISD: Pakistan’s technology company Wavetec has developed country’s first Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled vending machines. This would promote digital payment solution in Pakistan. The vending machines have the capacity to hold 350 items - snacks and beverages - and operate on NFC technology. A form of contactless communication, NFC enables users to wave over their smartphones or tap their plastic cards to an NFC-enabled vending machine, which then dispenses the item…Read More