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Brief review on the leaf rust of wheat and their management through biocontrol agent

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Rust are the most deleterious fungal disease of the cereals especially of wheat crops worldwide. This is due to their wide range of distribution, high capability of mutation to form new races that are capable to attacking the previously resistant varieties, have the capability to move long distance with the wind and air and have […]…Read More

Drones for site specific weed management in Pakistan

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Weed management has become increasingly important in the backdrop of sustainable crop production, uncertain climatic patterns and food security concerns in Pakistan. Due to diverse agro-climatic conditions of Pakistan, 267 weed species have been identified that cause monetary loss worth 3 billion US$ annually. Out of these, approximately 160 have been reported as weeds in […]…Read More

Soil fertility release management

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The loss of soil fertility is an important problem in large areas that have been utilized for agricultural production. Enhanced concentration, intensification and specialization of crop and livestock production without sufficient consideration of the natural site-specific soil and climate conditions caused pronounced degradation and partly irreversible damage of the soil including such processes as soil […]…Read More

Integrated crop-livestock management system: a need of the modern era

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Mixed crop–livestock farming systems are major element of the world’s land use and of its  agricultural land use and about 0.35–0.40 M km2 of land, a third of the agricultural zone, was occupied by farms operating both cropping and livestock enterprises. A need to heighten rural construction crosswise the realm for food insurance seem inconsistent the desperation to […]…Read More

4th International Water Conference: “Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development & Businesses”

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article image PR: Riphah International University and PCRWR in collaboration with University of Haripur, Peshawar University, Abasyn University and SHFINT is holding 4th International Water Conference on “Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Development & Businesses” from 19-21 December, 2017 held at PCRWR Headquarters, Islamabad. The conference highlighting critical water issues and challenges and to explore […]…Read More

IUCN-USAID Integrated Coastal Management Project Successfully Draws to a Close

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article image IUCN Pakistan organized the Closing Ceremony of its USAID funded project titled: “Integrated Approach to Education, Capacity Building and Livelihood Development of Coastal Communities in Sindh and in Baluchistan Provinces” at a local hotel in Karachi. Ms. Iffat Malik, Additional Secretary, Sindh Forest Department was the chief guest for the event. In his opening remarks, […]…Read More

Female breast cancer incidence in Asia and its management

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article image In the past few decades, Asia has seen rapid economic growth resulting in increasing life expectancy, declining mortality from communicable diseases and westernization of lifestyle. While these developments are overall beneficial, they come with a price. Breast cancer incidence is rapidly increasing in Asian populations. One in ten of all new cancer diagnosed globally every […]…Read More

Phosphorus Deficiency Problems in Dairy Animals and Their Management

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article image Livestock is the major contributor to Gross domestic Product (GDP) of Pakistan. This sector contributes 58.55% value addition in agriculture and 11.9% to national GDP according to national economic Survey of Pakistan. In Pakistan livestock sector majorly depends on economy from the dairy sector. Most livestock of Pakistan is reared by small dairy producers and […]…Read More