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Zoo safety and regulations needed for better management of the zoos and for public security

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article image Zoos like any other organization and institution have suffered occasionally due to security issues around the globe. From time to time tragic incidents of people or children falling inside animal enclosures and being mercilessly killed by wild animals have sent shock waves around the planet. Such incidents have happened either due to lack of proper […]…Read More

Effects and management of biological magnification on human health

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Harmful chemicals and heavy metals flow into lakes, seas and ocean when agricultural and human waste is discharged into water. These chemicals and harmful metals cause various dangerous diseases and also affect the plants and animals. They also disturb the food chain and aquatic organisms. These chemicals are not digested they accumulate into animals that […]…Read More

Advances and prospects of RIDL Technology in Insect Pest Management

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article image Release of Insect carrying Dominant Lethal gene (RIDL) technique is Just like Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) in which male population exposed to irradiations and after that male population is released into field then sterile male mate with female population and ultimately no viable eggs produced. So it’s a best Insect pest control technique in which […]…Read More

Consultation on Astola Management Planning Kicks off in Karachi

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PR:  A consultative session was organized by IUCN Pakistan under its Mangroves for the Future (MFF) Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change. The purpose of the session was to discuss the development of Management Plan for the newly designated Marine Protected Area (MPA), Astola Island, besides mapping stakeholders’ interest, potential threats and presenting […]…Read More

Waste water management: interrelated issues with problems and solutions

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article image The Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources says the country, once having surplus water, now has a water deficit. The water availability has decline from 1,299 m³ per capita in 1996-97 to 1,100 m³ per capita in 2006 and it is projected to less than 700 m³ per capita by 2025. The main reason […]…Read More

Role of Innovative Nutrient Management Techniques in Precision Agriculture in Pakistan

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Precision agriculture (PA):Precision agriculture (PA) is an approach to farm management that uses information technology (IT) to ensure that the crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity. The goal of PA is to ensure profitability, sustainability and protection of the environment. PA is also known as satellite agriculture, as-needed farming and site-specific […]…Read More

Castor bean (Ricinus Communis): A potential alternative to synthetic insecticides for the eco-friendly management of insect pests stored commodities


article image Habib-ur-Rehman1, Mansoor-ul-Hasan2, Saima Mirza1, Qurban Ali3, Najaf awais2 Storage is a vital part of farm produce in order to ensure the unceasing supply of food throughout the year. Since storage times, stored commodities have been vulnerable to attack by various insects and resulting in qualitative as well as quantitative losses in stored foodstuffs(Hasan et al., 2006). […]…Read More

FFC bags Management Excellence Award for 4th consecutive year

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PR: In recognition of exemplary business management standards, Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC) has been conferred the Management Excellence Award in Fertilizer Sector for 4th consecutive year by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP). The award was received by Company Secretary FFC, Brig Ashfaq Ahmed (Retd) in a ceremony held in Karachi. Head of Corporate Communications […]…Read More

Brief review on the leaf rust of wheat and their management through biocontrol agent

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Rust are the most deleterious fungal disease of the cereals especially of wheat crops worldwide. This is due to their wide range of distribution, high capability of mutation to form new races that are capable to attacking the previously resistant varieties, have the capability to move long distance with the wind and air and have […]…Read More