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May be another green revolution

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The agriculture sector is facing a lot of problems like climate change, urbanization, reduction of agricultural lands, rapidly increasing population etc. Moreover the excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are polluting our environment. The demand of food would drastically increase as for the population of 6-9 billion in 2050.Our energy resources like petroleum, gas, and diesel oil are also decreasing rapidly day by day. Although…Read More

3-day SEECS social hackathon to start on May 15

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: In order to utilize the tremendous technology talent in the students at NUST in general and SEECS in particular, SEECS Social Hackathon is being arranged in Islamabad from May 15-17. This event is being organized under the umbrella of SEECS, CodeForPakistan, Telenor Pakistan, Bentley Systems and Alchisoft, and Technology Times as media partner. During the event, students will get a chance to apply their knowledge and showcase their solutions to local social…Read More

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SEECS Social Hackathon to be held in May

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article image Staff Report ISD: Major fraction of our population is neglected who despite having access to technology are incapable to utilize it to solve their daily problems and make their lives convenient and competitive. SEECS Social Hackathon is being organized from May 15,2015 to May 17, 2015 in order to extract marvelous results from talent of students of NUST in general and SEECS in particular. Students will be able to showcase their talent, acumen, and flair thus utilizing their analytical…Read More

TeleCON to be held on May 14

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article image The TeleCON 2014, organized with the support of the PTA, will feature dedicated sessions on Regulatory - Pakistan and Global Dynamics/Standards, Technology - The New Generation Mobile Services, ICT - Merger of Technology and Human Endeavor/Potential and Social Dynamics - Challenges in a Wired World. "The outcome of the spectrum auction of new generation mobile services will give an unprecedented fillip to the industry," said Menin Rodrigues, Chairman, TeleCON 2014…Read More

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5th Pakistan oil and gas forum to be held on May 30

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The annual 5th Pakistan Oil and Gas Forum is going to be held in Islamabad with a theme "Exploring and Sustaining Energy Needs - Charting Pakistan’s Road to Economic Development".The forum attracts a cross-section of professionals and practitioners from the oil and gas sector of Pakistan. This year’s forum will primarily focus on the implementation of the oil and gas policy and to find practical solutions to the challenges of energy requirements in the country.&…Read More

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Australian sheep saga may affect food trade

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Indiscriminate culling of the allegedly infected Australian sheep is estimated to result in a loss of Rs130 million while the conflicting media reports about the sheep’s medical fitness will jeopardize the future of Pakistan’s multi-million dollar meat export industry."My foreign clients are extremely concerned about all that is going on here with regard to the Australian sheep. It is sending wrong signals to the entire world that we do business without regulatory…Read More

PTA to auction various spectrums on May 3

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTA will award all available spectrum to the existing Fixed Local Loop (FLL), Wireless Local Loop (WLL) and Class Value Added Services (CVAS) licensees through the region-wise auction process to be held on May 3 this year.The authority has set base prices of $25,000 to $27.4 million for frequency bands of 1.9 MHz and 3.5 MHz separately for 14 different telecom regions that aimed to be awarded to different existing telecom operators, says an information memorandum recently…Read More

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