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‘Pakistan should jump to medium and high-tech production export’

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Pakistan should jump to medium and high-tech productions export from resources-based and low technology, an official said. Zuhfran Qasim, Director policy and planning at Prime Minister’s Office, Board of Investment (BoI), said while speaking at a seminar entitled as ‘CPEC Challenges and Opportunities’ that exports of Pakistan are 80% resources-based. An interactive session that was […]…Read More

CPF-248 – fresh and medium maturing cane variety

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article image CANE BREEDING programme based purely on noble canes that give rise to varieties with many good qualities, however, an organized breeding programme is the basic tool to enhance the yield of both cane and sugar production in Pakistan. Cane production provides not only raw material to the sugar industries in the homeland but it also helps to fortify the economic status of the farmers. From production point of view, it is a vigorous precursor that progressive farmers are taking ardent interest to…Read More