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Heavy metals alleviation by use of nano fertilizers

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Heavy metal pollution is not only a hazard to living organisms but also an important worldwide environmental concern. These metals occur naturally in the biosphere as a result of volcanic eruptions and weathering of rocks. Recently, more heavy metals have been released into the environment due to various human activities such as mining, fossil fuel […]…Read More

Nanol’s additive proven to reduce hydrogen wear of metals

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Originally designed for fuel saving, Nanol’s additive now enters completely new areas of use ​ The renowned Fraunhofer independent research institute in Germany has demonstrated that Nanol’s lubricant additive has some completely new performance features. The patented lubrication additive, based on nano technology, was originally developed for fuel saving and wear protection in marine engines and […]…Read More

Bioremediation of metals

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article image With industrial progress environmental pollution due to toxic heavy metals is widely spreading. Some of the metals that are most widespread and common contaminants of the environment are copper, nickel, chromium and cadmium. These metals are trace elements that are required in small amount in the body. They act as co-factor of some important enzymes which catalyze many biological reactions. But high levels of these metals in body are extremely toxic because of the inhibition of…Read More