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Rocketed should be the production of minor fruits

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article image Pakistan consists of different varieties of soil, highly fertile land and better climatic conditions which make it propitious for vegetables, fruits and other different crops production. Mostly, our country is rich in production of high valued fruits and vegetables. The climatic conditions ranges within Pakistan generally are tropical to temperate which allow growing of 21 […]…Read More

Minor fruit production needs boost

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article image PAKISTAN HAS fertile and variety of soils. It has variation in its soil and climatic conditions, which is favorable for the production of fruits, vegetables, and other agronomic crops. Mostly, high valued fruits and vegetables are produced in our country. Pakistan ranges from tropical-to-temperate climates allow growing 40 different kinds of vegetables and 21 types of fruits. The present area under fruits and vegetables is 0.995 million ha (4.3 per cent of the total cropped area)…Read More